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Lavie's lust list 

The queen of all things chic (Kangana, duh), just declared 2017 as the year of thirst! And to kick things off, we’re rolling out the Lavie Lust List 2017. This collection is bound to make you fall in lust! For today’s blog , I’m going to talk about Lavie’s new lust list collection:
1. back packs have been trending all this summer. They can be used very easily and carried literally anywhere, even to longer distances. This simple black lavie back has to be a staple in one’s wardrobe.  , Shop now
2. Pair this dual-textured Lavie wonder up with a pretty dress or even denims, and walk out in style. Shop now 

3.  This simple yet chic tote has been my favourite so far. It’s so light and looks very stylish when paired up with a simple outfit  Shop now 4. 
For my first look, I’ve used Lavie’s yule med dome bag. I have styled this up with a simple white top and a belt that goes well with this bag for a summer ensemble.Shop now
5. Team this super spacious tote with white to make it pop 
  Shop now 
So for the second look i have paired up a floral printed jumper with lots of teal colured hints in it and completed my look with this lavie takaka lg ew tote 
Shop now
7. A pop of coral to make an impression not just for once but always during the summers , I mean what’s summer without such a beautiful coral bag carry it for college , work or just pair it with a simple jeans a top for a brunch ! 
 Shop now  
8 . 8. Red and the detailing tough , it’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe and goes with almost all the outfits . Shop now

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