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Just right for this season

Celebrate the passing of seasons, the end of summer, the rains! There is no better way to celebrate then to give our wardrobes an update…The latest Autumn collection from Max Fashion is an overload of fun with beautiful Indian embellishments and cheerful colours paired with sexy Western silhouettes , a charming combination of two separate pieces that come together to create the perfect conversation ensemble. The wonderful detailing in the little touches of embroidery, add interest. Go ahead, set the trend: Give flight to your imagination and be your best!
Shop the latest Indian Trends – http://bit.ly/2wdDmrY                                                                                                                               Just right for the season!
This glamorous outfit is the latest Indo-Western look that I have created for Max Fashion – a special for the season — a celebration of the hot and humid summer coming to an end.
I particularly love the jacket, it adds an interesting edge to the ‘Mekhla’ kurta. Earlier,
I had created another completely different summer look for this versatile brand.
And, you guys loved it! ,I love this Indo Western look I created for Max Fashion – a special for the season, a celebration of the passing of the hot humid summer. I particularly love the jacket and the interesting edge to the ‘Mekhla’ kurta. As many of you may know, I created another, completely different summery look a few months back for his versatile brand. You guys loved it!So am back again with my take on an Autumn look from Max Fashion. The detailing, the unique highlight, at the back of the cape/ jacket is quite the USP of this ensemble. The kurta may be worn without the jacket too and still looks fabulous – completely on fleek and trending. On the beach especially, I loved the flowing imagery created.
‘Ankle flats’ which create the impression of dainty anklets, and earrings complete the ensemble. Go on, try it out! (Don’t forget to share your comments.) Shot by http://instagram.com/lensthing

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