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Hey guys hope everyone’s well! I, just got back from a very long vacation ! I took a break for myself for almost a week in Goa just before which I started using Safi. I’ve actually heard a lot of good things about it from my mom, she used to use it religiously during her childhood days which had helped her cure her acne!
My grandma had suggested Safi to my mother during her childhood years and she did the same to me! She’s the one who told me that Safi has many herbs such as sana, tulsietc which help clear out your skin! And it also helps purify blood when taken regularly
Stress is a main cause of pimples these days. I’ve always wanted glowing skin. When I was younger I would have a lot of pimples and break outs. But ever since I tried Safi, I’m quite happy about the results as my skin is better and doesn’t have any acne!
I would recommend that you use this once a day, may be morning or even evenings whichever works best for you. The container is so handy that you can carry it during your travels, and it’s absolutely hassle free! So there’s no chances (or excuses) of missing a single day. 3 weeks should do the trick,and it holds true in my case 
The taste is manageable, it is definitely on the bitter side because it has so many herbs in it, but can be easily be managed by adding some warm or normal water to it. I personally prefer it to be at room temperature! Trust me it will be worth your time as Safi has the capacity to change your skin and make it better!!
I trust Safi will help me maintain this glow 
Try and let me know in comments below on how it helped you all! Because I would love to know the benefits it gave to you! Until next time – lots of love

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