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Raheja exotica

  1. Hey guys hope all is well , this blog post is my personal daycation with Raheja exotica located in Madh Island ,I’ve been wanting to spend more time with my parents since a while since I’ve been busy with my work and other personal commitments I couldn’t have the best of times with them so Raheja exotic gave the perfect oppportunity to have a daycation with my parents , I fell in love with this property in the first place and love all the amenities they provide such as the amazing cafe which serves the best of food I did have the most amazing fish and rice with veggies and pasta that’s my favourite !
    And did enjoy the body massage and jaguzzi time with my family !
    The best part is the hospitality and the sweet gestures by them and it’s just 10 mins from Yari Road jetty !
    So since I stay in Andheri West it was more convenient for me and then went to see the apartments and was in awe since they are so beautiful and have amazing view and are priced really well if your looking for a vacation house in specific this is it ! And I’m going to visit this place super soon and have some more amazing clicks to show !! And they do have some amenities for the kids and parks and tennis court !  It’s the best property ever !
    Here are some pictures hope you enjoy

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