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Attitude by amway

Growing up, of all the branded products we used at home, I definitely remember one brand: Amway. For over two decades, it has offered high quality products in nutrition, home care, personal care and consumer durables. With the Attitude beauty range, Amway has expanded its footprint into a new segment altogether.  I recently learnt about Attitude at an event I attended.

The event was exclusive to fellow bloggers and was focused on the launch of a 3-part TVC series about Attitude. The idea behind Attitude is a simple one: Modern Indian women can smash stereotypes just by being themselves. I loved this idea as it was very well-portrayed in the TVCs. Take a look here:


I loved watching all the TVCs on the day of the event. The TVCs also made me think about stereotypes and taboos when it comes to makeup. For example, we aren’t supposed to use bold colors often. But there are times when I love them and I’ll go for a deep red or maroon no matter what. It’s all about what helps me express what I want to.

When it comes to the products, the best part about Attitude is that it has been specifically designed for Indian consumers keeping in mind our skin type and preferences. It is a product range which is ‘Made in India’ at the manufacturing facility in Tamil Nadu. The Be Bright range offers products such as face wash, scrub, face mask and Day and Night cream. 

Though there are so many Attitude products, I loved the mini lipsticks designed for travel. You can directlypurchase the products from the Amway website as well as in stores. The mascara is my favorite as it gives great volume to the lashes. The lip shades also come in several varieties and are amazing for all skin tones.

I highly recommend you to buy these products as per your skin type. You can check out the entire range on the below link:  



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