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Aiyanna 2018

From exceptional concepts to beautiful garments, the fashion students of WWI stole numerous hearts at AIYANNA 2018- the annual grad event.

At the AIYANNA 2018 graduation fashion show, the students of Whistling Woods International undoubtedly caught the eye of many fashion enthusiasts. The event unfolded as the renowned designers like Gunjan Arora, Gaviin Miguel and Sohaya Mishra among others graced the platform and more interestingly were also a part of the jury. I believe it was a great opportunity for students to be reviewed by these fashion experts. 

The fashion show put together by the students displayed a glimpse of their skill sets, knowledge and the entire journey of education at WWI. The extraordinary concepts that the students executed were out of the box, yet fashionably appealing. These concepts that the students projected highlighted issues prevailing in the society, every-day lives, fantasy-oriented subjects and some art-inspired subjects. 

I was mesmerised by the use of fabrics, colours and especially the distinctive patterns that the students incorporated into their designs. The evening at Aiyanna 2018 was indeed a splendid experience. I can’t wait to see these talented designers achieving success in the business. 


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