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Daily routine of skin products

Simple 3 steps
I’m sure these 3 steps of cleansing , toning and moisturising will play a great role to improve your skin . Use them regularly on daily basis once in the morning and night followed by the night cream and eye cream , for the day I use an firming gel which is given in the picture .eye cream works better on night I’ll be posting on night care routine soon and do keep your skin hydrated by taking lots and lots of water it definitely helps to get rid of bad skin this summer , I use a lush /body shop lip scrub to get rid of dead skin and it’s vital to use a lip scrub as lips are the most tender and sensitive part of our face and has to be taken care rightly it can be used Every three days but I don’t mind using them daily too because keeps the lips really soft I actually scrub my lips end of the day to scrub away all the harsh lipstick stain on the lips as few Matt lipsticks stay longer especially the darker shades and before Goin to bed take them off fully using a makeup remover . Hope u enjoyed the blog

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