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Travel essentials ! 

Hello lovely readers ! Thank you for support and love firstly , secondly I loved my room view in Bangalore so had to shoot this one . Thirdly ! Now let’s talk about travel essentials while travelling I take some important stuff like a moisturiser because the flight travel makes our skin dry no matter how short r long it’s ! And spf Offcourse , eye gel , don’t forget to take your fave lipstick shade / the one which suites u the best if your a lipstick person . And yes I’m one ! And if not gloss which ever needed . As the climate might be different in the place you will be travelling to take creams depending on that if it’s a hot region a good spf will do and cold creams for a cold region . And keep yourself hydrated by taking lots of water no matter how cold / hot the climate is ! Water is the most important thing for your skin and other internal functioning . For Evry 20kgs one litre of water is needed so according to your weight measure and have in regular intervals and please don’t forget to carry a lip balm with spf that’s the one I can’t survive without no matter day r night ! I need it at anycost , and this day ended with this amazing view shoot , before which I had 4 shoots back to back ! One amazing day . So this is it . Let me know how helpful was this one will love to hear it from you .. Lots of love ……, 

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