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Bun tutorial 

hello guys ! Today I’ve come up with something new which I don’t do always a bun tutorial ! I don’t do much of hairstyles but I found this one really easy and wanted to share with you all and also I’ve been asked by many people for the method I use to create one !
1) first you need to Have a high ponytail as I did ,  all you need is donut and bony pins , then place the donut on top of the pony it’s really simple to use it and can be placed wherever you want it to be . A higher pony / a Lower one 

2) second step is the most important one , place your hair around the donut evenly . And you can use a rubber band to evenly hold it that way or can insert the hair Inside the donut 

3) pin the ends using the Bobby pins inside the donut and your done ! 


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