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Review on clinique (anti blemish solution ) 

hello guys ! Sorry for not being active on the blog , as I’ve been busy with some other stuff , I couldn’t be so active . So today I thought of sharing my experience with clinic ,I had been gifted by my parents a bunch of clinique products on my birthday which also contains the anti blemish solution . So here I’m going to say few things which I observed using this , lately I’ve been goin through a bad skin phase that’s may be cause of hormonal imbalance / stress , which has lead to some kinda redness / marks ! So I tried this product . And it’s suitable for all skin types . 

good things 

1) firstly it’s got salicylic acid which is good for curing acne and redness  ! And I’m not really a beauty blogger but just sharing what I felt 

2) the good thing about it is that It has really reduced the redness of the acne 

The thing which I don’t like about this product is that it bloats up the acne and then clears it and also has a tickling effect when used , so I’m not satisfied with the results . But u can give it a shot . Actually the gel has to be used in a very small quantity on top of the acne r all over the face avoiding the eye area if you hav acne prone skin ! And it’s safe and it dint affect my skin in any way ! But makes the acne big and then clears it . Hope u liked the review and post your comments below !  


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