Skin results 

hello lovely people ! Hope you all are having a peaceful time at home in this awesome weather , I’ll be shooting for the blog real soon , until then there was this post which was pending for a month , I had few of my friends who asked me for this one , so now about this post , I’ve been using Herbalife products for more than 10 years , since my 5th grade I suppose , and the skin is launched since a couple of months and I’m loving the results 

1) after scrubbing with the scrub given In the kit . Alow the face to be a bit wet and apply a thin film of the mask as I did  

  2) after the scrub itslf I could feel my imperfections lightning , and leave the mask for 5 mins until it’s dried up completely 
3) wash your face with cold water , and complete it by following your day care / night care routine with a toner , moisturiser and eye gel . 

I absolutely felt so fresh , and clean and also the marks on my forehead  had reduced a bit and gave a healthy glow , as you could see , I will definitely recommend this product and it’s suitable for all types of skin . I love it because my skin can instantly feel the diffrence hope this post helped you all , as I’ve covered up the procedure to use it 

If you need any information regarding the product / to buy it , you can have a look at the get fit nutrition center page on Instagram which I’ve tagged / contact -7718904356 

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