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Indo western fusion

Dress – StalkBuyLove
Jewel – Statementsbyfr
Clutch –Rossoyuki 
Content editing by Kushal
Hey Everyone! Hope you have been having a great time!
Today I am going to introduce to a world of fusion. Yup! You read it right. The theme that this post is based on is an indo-western look that I styled and it turned out to be a knocker.
What I wanted to primarily do with this look, is to transform a western outfit into a giving a vibe of ethnic. So I started out with tube gown as it has represented class and elegance for generations. This happened to be the western aspect of my outfit. The color burgundy yet again adds an aristocratic touch.
Now India is known for its custom of using heavy jewelry. Of the likes that pop out and bring a bling to your appearance like no other. So to address the Indian part of my fusion style, I added some heavy jewelry to my overalls.
Now you might wonder how and where I got hold of these precious set of jewelry. Here is the detail for you. Statements by Forum & Raina has jewelry for all your occasions! You can choose from Indian, to indo-western, to downright bold & modern! You’ll be spoilt for choice when you see their collection of theme-based jewelry & the best part is the stones they use! Semi-precious gemstones that are super chic & that do not require you to dig your pockets too deep!
These victorian earrings are made in silver and ‘khakha moti’. The multi-strand necklace is made of Riolites and Rutilated Quartz-a beautiful and offbeat amalgamation of color and patterns.These pieces can easily be paired with your sarees and suits; however the fun lies in embellishing your denims & dresses with them!
So here’s a successful attempt at pairing the jewels with my maroon dress. It effortlessly adds the right amount of glam to the outfit! Highlighting the pairing of unmatched earrings & necklace-because matching is just old school! Statements is all about playing with colors, patterns, and textures, and standing out!
I am pretty sure you liked this look and you want to try it as well. So go right ahead and get all glamorous with an indo-western fusion in your next outing. May be even add a touch of your creativity. Share with me how it went and what did you do! Would love to hear about them!

3 comments on “Indo western fusion

  1. Love the wau u have styled the jewelry looks really pretty on u. Undoubtley its creating a statement by its own!!

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