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"Get'im Crazy" Date Night Look

We all have those special days where we need to look flawless. It could be a first date, a cocktail party or an event! The thing with these days is, we often undergo a lot of confusion and confidence crisis as to whether the choice we are making is right or wrong. Even a stylist goes through that. Believe me!
I had one of those moments recently and fortunately I came across this angel in disguise called Snobbox! They got me through my problem beautifully! Snobbox is your personal stylist and it helps you look your best by specially curating your style. All I had to do was mention my requirements, as in the occasion, the style of clothing I want (for eg a cut out playsuit), my body type, my style preference, my budget and things like that. Once I did that, these wonderful stylists from Snobbox, sent me a box of customized outfits that made me rock my day! They also sent me directives on how I can carry the look flawlessly. How cool is that!
It’s a saviour and all you divas should give Snobbox a try! I can tell you with my experience, it will never let you down and make you an absolute stunner in whatever style preference you have. Be it a cool and casual look or a hottie date night chick! So head to the their website right away and get your perfect look!
We all know how important date nights are. There’s a magic in each of them and there’s always the nervousness of being at your best. You want to be at your attractive best and get him really riled up at the very first sight of you. Now, I have cooked up this perfect look for you that will require the minimum effort while it brings the best out of you.
Jumpsuits and Playsuits are one of the easiest picks. They stand out and they don’t confuse you into the complicacy of mix and match. So what I did was I chose this red off shoulder playsuit that really has a very chic and elevated look to it. The bold colour and the simple detailing makes you really pop out to the onlooker.
To add the glittery effect, which is much needed for a date night, I threw in a golden choker that absolutely makes your neck glammed up. Team it with a gold clutch to make the choker really stand out. Avoid blingy shoes. Go for a solid coloured Stiletto (red/maroon) like me. You don’t want to overdo your bling.
That’s it! you are all decked up to get your guy swooning for you!
Location @cafe.cubano
Shot by darshan Savla

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