Split magic

The splits are back and they are back to stay! Split skirts were the call of the day earlier and they sort of went downhill for some time. But believe me when I say, splits worn with a little thought, can take miles in your look. And that is what I have come up with today. 
Here I am wearing this black and white checkered split skirt from Ruthie that is absolutely gorgeous. The tastefully cut split on one side brings a chic and elegant look to this outfit. The monochrome of black and white makes the skirt even more adorable.
I teamed the skirt with a white bustier from Ewa Young Fashion as I wanted to keep it simple and not inject too much colour into it. The simplistic design makes it a great match with the skirt while adding a tad sexy touch! Perfect for an afternoon brunch with friends where you don’t want to go overboard. 
Accersorized the overall with a neckpiece from Lavender.room. The tribal design brings street style to your look and the bracelet by Ornamental Bliss makes a nice finishing touch.

Top – Ewa Young fashion

Skirt – Lillie by Ruthie 

Neckpiece – the lavender room

Heels – dulla

Shades – mango

Bracelet – ornamental bliss 

Shot by @click.occasion 

Content editor Kushal 

Location taj 

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