House of chase ( layering ) 

Hey as the names says it all , it’s all about layering this season , I’m not a person whose too much into layering the clothes , but this time I choose to layer it because the cape had to be put up this way , to made it look the best , I came up to layering and I love how it looks , a simple outfit could look a lot better when layered with such a neutral cape , this cape can be not just worn on one kind off style but a plenty of other styles too , and the material is so luxurious I swear by this brand , they give the best quality ever worth the prices , and house of chase is the brand which is originated from chennai now it also has a store in Bangalore , and i could feel a switch of the look when I added this jacket to it , so I’ve styled it with a simple black bustier from ewa Young fashion , this serves as a multipurpose one ! And the ripped high waisted shorts from Bandra ! And all set to go rock , may be to a fancy brunch or a event because this is something which is very causual and too stylish ! Added my reflectors offcourse (sr store )and some metallic sneakers too (Madish the stylebar)  , hoping to get a lot of love from you all for this look ! Cheers! 

Cape  – house of chase 

And all outfit details mentioned above 

Pictures and editing by Rushab

Location – silver beach cafe , not to forget the yummy food I had ! Do try the harrisa fish if your a non vegetarian and if not the chocolate fondue ! Bye for now see you in a bit ! 

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