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Chic in hood 

Well if you have been following me, you would know that street style is something that I don’t do often. But I decided to go street style for this look. It is amazing how things that you don’t usually do can make you feel so good.
So here I am wearing a jacket from the House of Chase which I am completely fixated on, and it’s like a bomber jacket with a tad change to it. The thing about bombers is that they really go well with most casual attires. They are excellent for summers as well as winter, because of their soft and comfy fabric with a really cool hoody. What made me fall in love with them is the size. I usually use Extra Small and you usually don’t find them. But House of Chase got me the right size and I am really glad about it.
You guys should really try their products as they are never going to let you down, with the classy range and choices they have. They are based out of Chennai but they also have a store in Bengaluru. I was in this attire for a good 8 hours and believe me, they are so comfortable that I didn’t feel the tiniest bit of discomposure in them.
I styled my overall with these breathtaking gladiator heels from Neelam Pasad Designs. She makes such pretty designs when it comes to shoes that I have tried them many times. The colours of blue and white make a wonderful combination with the grey, and bring your street style game on point!
So that was all about this look and I hope you liked it and are surely going to try it for your next outing with friends for a coffee or a brunch.
Shot by @rushab shah
@silver beach cafe (kemps corner)
Wore house of chase
And Neelam pasad heels

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