Spot the puma ! 

Hey everyone! I’m participating in this competition to create the Rihanna look as she’s the creative director of puma , ans I’m too excited and I need all your support! As you can see I’ve put in a lot of effort and only your help and support can help me sail through!!! So please hit the link and vote for me!!!​

And about the look I’ve tried as much as I can to give the Rihanna feel to it , by adding the fur jackets details to it , and it’s from riddhiandrevika and the tank top from puma , we ( me and my team which involves darshan Savla the photographer and the editor and Urmi and Isitha and arjun )who helped us have worked really hard to create such images , and I took a weeks time to plan this , I’m not very bold with my looks / my attitude always but this facial expressions to perform like Rihanna to give to feel of Rihanna’s look was a task , so I have given my best , hope you all like it and please forward it to as many to make me win! Also you guys can participate too! 

Tank top – puma

Jacket – riddhiandrevika

Shorts – splash 

Shoes – gosh

Log into the micro site and pls vote for me 

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