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That insta I’d,Satomi ! Yes this gave me courage to wear a saree. Saree has been the pride of Indian tradition and culture for time immemorial! The elegance and poise with which it graces women is exquisite! This is a piece of clothing which just requires an elegant draping and it becomes a timeless beauty. Saree very perfectly shapes the sensuous curves of women and brings out the sensuality and feminine self in the most gorgeous of ways 

The pure crepe saree looked so pretty and easy on the eyes , while I received it I was even more happier as the saree is too light weighted as its made up of pure crepe and that’s how it’s suppose to be. And my excitement knew no bounds as soon as I draped the beauty in black and pink around my body and felt the love for saree blossom. Yes, there are several flashy as well subtle colors available in the website ! I thought of blogging this one because you never know when I will wear a saree next !\
Wouldn’t you love to know more about the brand I fell in love with?
SATOMI is synonymous with Urbane Sophistication. A brand of limited edition silk Saris and Accessories, SATOMI allows the young Indian woman to express her individuality in a global atmosphere.
SATOMI digitally printed, high quality silk clothing and fabrics are exclusively crafted keeping aspirations of the new empowered woman in mind. The colors, patterns, styling, all point towards an exclusivity born out of a truly international blend of elegance and design.
True to the meaning of this (Japanese) word, which signifies inner beauty, SATOMI has pledged to start a Satomi Breast Care Foundation, in association with leading hospitals.
Supported by RAKAM EXPORTS, a company exporting high quality silk accessories to brands across Europe and America, SATOMI silks come out of a fully integrated facility.
Satomi Outlets:-
Factory at Noida
Showroom I:
E21-South Extn-Part-2
New Delhi-110049
Showroom II:
Shop NO.1,J 87, Main Market Rajouri Garden, New delhi-110027
Gurgaon Outlet opening soon.
In love with the sarees already? You can buy these beautiful sarees from : www.satomi.co.inj

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