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Pantene story

Hey this is a post which everyone would love to read about , so I’ve always had people asking me about my hair and always have told me to suggest some shampoo for hair fall , okay so now hair fall is a common problem it happens because of stress , food habits and much more ! But I’ve taken this 14 day challenge where I tried using this new Pantene shampoo which has absolutely made my hair better and controlled my hair fall , and also I had this sample shampoo which I also tried so I would say that Pantene has been better any day , also ever since my childhood I’ve always loved using Pantene and was very much keen on knowing is new launch !And when I had received these I was unbelievably happy and thankful ! So here are the images which has been taken after the 14 days challenge https://twitter.com/shabostoc/status/786136971538161664
If you had seen my Instagram you will also know that I’ve posted an image of before and after of Pantene shampoo , 
My hair fall has reduced so much ! And feels great to have lesser hairfall ! – “I am taking up the #14DayChallenge as a part of product review activity at BlogAdda in association with Pantene”Taking 14 days challenge was so good , because I could use the sample shampoo and compare the Pantene one , undoubtably Pantene being way better and helped me fight hairwall , you all at some point in life have to deal with hairfall , and this happened to me as well because of too much work and managing blog and college has become a task and I definitely needed Pantene because it helps me keep myself stress free from worrying about hair fall ! Because that is an important thing which all girls worry about ! I’m sure there are so many of you all looking for a shampoo which is effective and not very pricey and Pantene is definitely affordable , thanks blogAda for giving me an opportunity to experience Pantene and share my experience with my readers ! 
Here as you can see on the Instagram post my hair has become so silky and bouncy and the hair fall is way lesser because of Pantene , also that was a before and after post , the left one being pre shampoo image and the right wing post shampoo , and I’m really happy about how my hair feels , and I’m not going back to the sample shampoo anymore and my hair has been happily moving ever after ! Also you can checkout my twitter and Facebook posts of Pantene , where I’ve been posting the changes I felt after using the shampoo and I love it ! 
Hope you enjoy this post 
Dress by stalkbuylove.com/
Shot by the tilted lens , Rushab shah 

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