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Appreciation post 

Hey guys !!!! This post is going to be a non fashion post I’m going to definitely give outfit details but will talk about my support system here !!!! So I’m not born in the city of Mumbai , I come from Chennai and I’ve been here for more than four years now so people who know me will know this !! So many of you all ask me about blogging and how will all has started !!! So when I came to Mumbai I was just doing my BCom !! And I would always love to dress up even when I was in Chennai however the freedom was somewhat restricted there because I come from a Muslim family and also lots of there things !!! But when I had stayed in Mumbai I really loved the freedom which I got in terms of dressing up and I started posting about the same , about 3 years back when I had shared this with my best friend Jenisha , she was really kind enough to start something for me , she started clicking me and trust me it all started there I had no idea that I would make this my profession some day or I thought this will end up here , I used my phone and some Sony hd camera to do the same !! This sweet lady used to come all the way to my house during college when we wouldn’t attend college but do early morning shoots ! I wouldn’t actually call them shoots haha !!! It’s just the ootd (outfit of the day ) images which we call it these days ! So yeaahh if your reading this thank you Jenisha it wouldn’t start if she wasn’t there !! And then photographers started mailing / messaging that’s how I collaborated I’ve actually worked with n number of photographers because I would like to work with new people each time and sometimes it does workout really well , and sometimes you just have to be careful and the person has to know your right angles , so this worked for me for people who started blogging recently I would rather suggest you all to see whatever suits you the best ! Like buying your own camera and getting yourself clicked by your bestie / family / bf / gf if your comfortable posing Infront of them !!! I can’t believe I used to be so camera shy !!!! All you need to do is start somewhere start from scratch , you never know where it leads up to . I wouldn’t say blogging is as easy as it looks , but if your good with your content your good to go !! If you guys have been following me since the day I started blogging you would see the change in me and the content I create . And photographers play a massive role to curate the content we need and offcourse the editing part is vital too , I thank all my lovely photographers and people I’ve worked with and the brands who have given me an opportunity to work with , evn while I was new and now as well .
Also I thank all the lovely bloggers who appreciate my work ! And uplift each other !!
Shot by click occasion !!! I just love his work if your looking for photographers you can approach him!!
Outfit – shein , shades Lawrence and mayo ! I’ve also give example images
I’m so grateful about the fact that my parents who belong to a conservative family has allowed me to do what I wanted to in life and if they wouldn’t let me do this I wouldn’t be where I’m !! And all this is just the beginning I just hope my readers keep growing !! And enjoy the content which I create !
And here are some tips and tricks !!! I do use them and works for me
For editing I use – • Instagram editing – contrast / brightness / or sometimes I sharpen and looks perfect especially food images
• apps like makeupplus , BeautyPlus , ( it helps remove blemishes and dark circles too ) for beginners who don’t know editing this works !! Snapseed are good !!
I don’t do photoshop at all so my photographers do the job with light room and ps !!
To make your feed of Instagram look attractive
* post 3 images at a stretch of one look , starting from sneak peak , close up , and full or could be 6 sometimes (sometimes I go this way )
* Post horizontally / vertically the same look ! Say 3 !!!
* Or what you can do is to keep your audience engaged post a look , selfie , and a food picture ( if you want to cover all the zones ) , you can post whatever suites you and repeat the same way for weeks !! Trust me this looks fabulous ( or u can add a positive quotes a day )
* I sometimes use no crop to Insta size my images and shows up white borders and the feed looks neat and clean!! If I had known this before my feed would have looked this way !!
* Post at peak hours !! — say between 9 to 12 pm and Sundays , when everyone is online at home and around 8 to 9.30 – 10 in the night ! Also don’t forget 6 to 8 pm!!
* When you post a look do tag associated brands ! # hashtags are the most important !! Use the right ones I used to be keen on these when I initially started off !
* For backgrounds you can use different coloured chart papers stuck to the plain wall
White jeans – koovs , crop top demozastores , black crops – sheinofficial !!

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