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Journey of 2017

Hey guys happy new year firstly ! 2017 has been the best year so far it’s had its own ups and downs in the best ways ! Obviously starting with the ups blog shabostoc.com has been my strength and you guys have been immensely showering your love upon the same , thank you for all the love and support you guys have given me and I’m really grateful about the same ! And December 2017 has been the best and day one of 2018 has also started great for me , whenever I feel low I only think about how I can create more content t and make it look great for you all and get my mood fixed and feel lot more positive ! So yeah I wish you all a very very happy and a successful and a fun filled !! Happiness filled year ahead ! Also I started blogging 3 years back in the month of March ☺️ so I’m Looking forward to do a lot more great content in the year 2018 too !!
So here I’m sharing some of my favourite looks , most of it is purchased from shein ! Because I love this online shopping!! And they have some affordable chic and quirky stuff !!
Hope you guys love the looks !!
Shot by tarun !!

176 comments on “Journey of 2017

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