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Orient electric is the way to lifestyle !

Hey guys, as you all know I recently visited a launch event for the newly launched lifestyle range of fans from Orient Electric and I am back with a fabulous review about these fans. Have you ever imagined fans adding décor to your homes? Well, Orient Electric has stepped up the game in the home décor category with their recent launch. It’s not just about the looks, but also the special features which makes these fans a big “must have” in your homes. A fan is something which is essential for all homes and offices and this new range, being so adorable, takes your lifestyle to higher standard. It’s not just the classy looks but the handy feature that has got me super stroked!!!

This Lifestyle focused range of fans have been specially designed to add glam quotient to your home interiors. Designed to bring alive exclusivity, these fans exude sheer elegance.


A Fan Décor range to elevate your home décor. #ElevatingFanDecor


Products Description & Features:

The star Product of the launch was surely Orient Bladelesswhich gives you an Experience like never before. With the fashionable Orient Bladeless fan, which uses a combination of physics and aerodynamics to multiply air, ensures an uninterrupted air flow. Flaunting a distinctive design that is sure to turn heads, runs silently at three different speeds because who likes the noise?  So now you can sit peacefully and chill and do your work. Compact and light weight, Orient Bladeless takes up minimal space and can be moved across the home with utmost ease. Since the fan has no blades, it’s extremely safe to use now you don’t have to worry about your kids or any such difficult situations which tends to occur. Its Swing function allows you to direct the airflow across the room and when used along with an air conditioner, this fan significantly increases air circulation inside the room so it’s basically going to support your AC too. Another salient feature of the fan is its 7.5-hour standby timer.

On top of it all, Orient Bladeless lifestyle fan has in-built ambient light with four colour options including Off-White, Green, Purple and Blue which you can choose from to create the right atmosphere to match your mood.


Other significant product was the Orient Monroe (Tower Fan) : Orient Monroe is so eye-catchy ,   Orient Monroe tower fan is not something you’ll get to see every so often definitely not it’s perfect for the Morden lifestyle with reliable motor to ensure good air flow ,this fan fits easily into any space big or small, be it your home, shop or office cabin. The classy fan comes complete with 3 speed settings, in-built timer and remote control for ease of use, the fan has three different mode of use namely Natural, Normal and Sleep and when used along with an air conditioner, this fan significantly increases air circulation inside the room.


Orient Auctor (360 degree fan): It has the 3D oscillation feature which makes it so unique, you don’t have to be deceived by its fun looks because it does have many other features and a very strong motor and the best thing being its volume which is so low like you don’t have to be disturbed with the noise like any other fan also gives you the room temperature on the screen to be displayed.


Orient Proteus (Box fan), a beautiful and eye catchy fan both in looks as well as style. It’s Compact and light weight, andincreases air circulation inside the room. It’s so easily accessible! It also has an amazing white grey scheme!

View the ever-stylish range of Lifestyle Fans here- https://www.orientelectric.com/fan/lifestyle-fans


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