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Spaces – co working space

Thinking space? Think ‘Spaces’

Hey guys, as you all know I recently visited International Workspace Group’s newly opened second centre for their co-working space ‘Spaces’ in JP Road, Andheri West in Mumbai I am back with a fabulous overview of the entire office. It is a beautifully designed space with an environment that will motivate you to do more, work more and with each passing day, grow more. The first floor of two floor stationed co-working spaces ‘Spaces’ welcomes with a very young quote that says ‘Welcome home. Oops! We meant welcome to work’ at the glass gate followed by various quotes such as ‘Plus into the energy of like-minded others’, ‘Let’s start to redefine how work is done’ etc on the solid mustard yellow walls to make you eye on them and stay motivated throughout the day.

India has become one of the largest markets for investment and this has evolved the way people work here. Not only their way of commuting but their way of working also seems to change. Hence, the commercial real estate market is swept away by the concept of co-working i.e. shared offices.

And if you are willing to be a part of one then sit back millennials! I think I just found ‘the place’ for you. Beautifully crafted interiors, dynamic & colourful furniturethat add positivity and freshness to otherwise boredom hit workspaces; completely technologically equipped workstations for the ‘to go’ Mumbaikar millennials; in-office café to suffice you when the hunger strikes; medium to large sized workstations & conference rooms to match and fit your requirements and needs; and what not! There are countless benefits and facilities that this centre of Spaces has. The Spaces centre aims at providing the best experience to your working style especially if you want to alter. Creative thinking and productivity in work is something that comes out of positive emotional experience and Spaces is one such place where you can work, network, grow and excel.

Spaces being a part of International Workspace Group has given more meaning to the co-working than just a concept of shared spaces. After visiting Spaces, I understood the concept deeply and strongly agree that Spaces has built co-working to be communitarian, sustainable, cooperative, reachable and most importantly, co-working is ‘open’ to opportunities, growth, innovation and success.

Digitalisation and new technologies are transforming the world of work. People want the personal productivity benefits of living and working on how and where they want. Businesses want the financial and strategic benefits. If you area start-up, small and medium-sized enterprise, solo entrepreneur or even large multinational agency with unique business goals, people and aspirations, this is the place for you to take the journey forward in flexible yet result driven growth.

So, Spaces welcomes you to be a part of co-working phenomenon by revolutionizing your work-habits and work-life balance, engage and communicate with people from diverse or similar work-cultures and segments, encourage the idea of working out of innovative space that will enhance your power of creativity and ultimately lead to the well-being of workers.


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